upskillAccording to Business Insider, nearly one-third of professionals fear their work skills will be redundant within a year or two. Furthermore 38% think it will take at least another four to five years to reach this point. The solution? It’s simple. Future-proof your career by continually upskilling.

Johannes Richter, journalist at WineLand Media, recently wrote The Cape Wine Academy level two exam. The course offers social and professional wine education for individuals and groups. The level two exam is a certificate wine programme which consists of in-depth course work on South African wine covering viticulture, winemaking, distillation, fortification, sweet and sparkling wines.

It consists of seven lectures which are conducted, in the evening or as a three-day course. Johannes completed his written and practical exam on 18 and 19 November. He awaits his results with baited breath…

Vinpro’er spoke to Johannes about his exam and here’s what he had to say.  

Q: So why did you decide to do this course?

JR: After completing the introduction to South Africa wine course, I felt like this was the next logical step.

Q: How will this assist you in your current field?

JR: I think it will allow me to do my research better when I am writing wine-related articles. I will now have the necessary background information to speak to the relevant sources and it will give me a better sense of credibility.

Q: What was it like juggling your job, your family life and your studies?

JR: It was tough and felt like there was not enough time to study. It was challenging to juggle work, family and my studies, but with the support of my wife and colleagues I managed to get through it.

Q: What’s next for you?

JR: A Cape Wine Academy diploma

Q: Would you encourage other employees to take this course?

JR: Yes, I want to watch them suffer (laughs).

Here is a list of the top seven things South Africans are doing to upskill themselves (according to Business Insider):

  1. Complete Python Bootcamp
  2. The complete digital marketing course
  3. Microsoft excel
  4. The data science course 2019
  5. The web developer bootcamp
  6. Java programming masterclass for software developers
  7. Cognitive behavioral therapy
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