Enterprise Development

BEE consultation, ethical trade, training and research.

The Enterprise Development division provides tailor-made BEE guidance and focuses on the promotion of social development through dedicated ethical trade, training and research initiatives and funding. The latter is funded via the Vinpro Foundation NPC.

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) advisory services include:

  • Consultation and development of practical plans to comply with BEE requirements as set by Government, as well as guidance with regard to BEE scorecards
  • Project evaluation and assistance with the establishment and long-term sustainability of new land reform projects
  • Assistance obtaining funding for new and existing empowerment projects

Labour is an important asset to the wine industry, and Vinpro therefore facilitates training through the following:

  • Contributing and obtaining external funding for training by private and Government bodies
  • Group training of vineyard workers via a comprehensive series of training courses.
  • A do-it-yourself DVD training package for vineyard workers, available for sale to wine producers to cellars.

Vinpro supports compliance with ethical trade standards with regard to the working conditions of farm workers, and therefore plays a key role in ensuring that its members also comply with these standards. This includes:

  • Advice with regard to ethical trade practices and upliftment of farm workers
  • Monitoring progress with ethical trade in the industry
  • Close collaboration with ethical trade verification organisations such as Wieta to ensure simpler, quicker accreditation.


Phil Bowes
Tel: +27(0)21 276 0434
E-mail: phil@vinpro.co.za