Technical Training

If you can hold pruning shears, you can prune, right? Not quite.

VinPro’s range of technical viticultural courses show the how and explain the why of best vineyard practices.

VinPro’s Training division makes it easy for farmworkers, farm foremen or manager and producers themselves to equip themselves with knowledge. Three options are available, from a quick brush-up of skills to more in-depth study. The courses are equal to NQF level 1 and a VinPro certificate is issued to those who have successfully completed a course. Follow the Events page to book online, follow the Trade Diary for course dates or download the course programme below.


Vineyard teams Practical

This half day course is ideal for vineyard teams to hone their skills in the field  through practical demonstrations. These half day courses are  presented on request and can be customised to the producers needs.

R180 per person per module (VAT included)




Farm foremean and team- Theory & Practical

Perfect for the farm foreman and his team. This full day course kicks off with theory and ends with practical demonstrations after lunch. Enrol for one of the predetermined courses or request a session on your farm. Courses presented at this level are vineyard establishment, pruning, irrigation, young vine development, pest and disease control and canopy management.

R300 per person per module (VAT included)

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