Technical Training

If you can hold pruning shears, you can prune, right? Not quite. Vinpro’s range of technical viticultural courses show the how and explain the why of best vineyard practices.

Vinpro’s Training division makes it easy for farmworkers, farm foremen or manager and producers themselves to equip themselves with knowledge. The courses are equal to NQF level 1 and a Vinpro certificate is issued to those who have successfully completed a course. 

Wine grape producers can now request practical demonstrations to be presented on their farms in the form of a half day course for a maximum of 15 people. This new format replaces the traditional prescheduled full-day courses that included both theory and practical training for larger groups.

Compared to the previous ten training modules, producers can now choose from the following two practical sessions to be presented on their farm.

Winter training:

  • Basic pruning principles (short, half-long bearer and Guyot systems)
  • Maintenance of pruning shears
  • Prevention of trunk diseases
  • Correct planting techniques of young vines.

Summer training:

  • Basic functioning of the vine
  • Goal of canopy management
  • Different canopy management techniques
  • Young vine development
  • Common pests and diseases.

Each person attending the training will receive a free safety mask, while the basic health measures will be adhered to, including taking attendees’ temperatures, washing and sanitising of hands, as well as maintaining social distance during the sessions.

Book a practical training session by contacting the Vinpro training office at the details below.



Lesley Paulse 
Training Co-ordinator