VinPro has expanded its membership from primary wine grape producers and producer cellars to two new categories, namely private cellars and wine estates, and affiliate members.

“We are committed to facilitating a sustainable environment for the entire South African wine industry. The expansion of its membership was therefore a logical step, ensuring that these entities also benefit from the representation, information transfer and service delivery that VinPro brings to its members,” explained Rico Basson, VinPro’s managing director.

The application requirements for VinPro membership are as follows:

  • Primary producers who, according to Sawis records, produce a minimum of 5 tons of grapes annually for the production of wine, brandy, spirits or grape juice concentrate. 
  • Producer cellars, private cellars and wine estates who, according to Sawis records, annually process a minimum of 5 tons of grapes to juice, wine and spirits.
  • Affiliated members, including any individuals or organisations involved in the wine industry, such as farm managers, viticulturists, suppliers, as well as producer or cultivar groups. (Affiliated members do not have voting rights).

Costs involved in VinPro membership involve a once-off administration fee of R350 (incl VAT), and the following annual fees:

  • Primary producers: none
  • Producer cellars, private cellars and wine estates: an annual fee based on a sliding scale.
  • Affiliated members: an annual fee of R570 (incl VAT).

For more information contact 021 276 0429, or download application forms from


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