JC and Hannes Erasmus of the farm Wansbeck Clarence Wold.

JC and Hannes Erasmus of the farm Wansbeck Clarence Wold.

A mechanically farmed Sauvignon Blanc block from the farm Wansbek Clarence Wold was announced as VinPro/Winetech’s top vineyard block in the Robertson region.


The criteria for this year’s entries was vineyards that are not cultivated on the traditional vertical shoot positioning or spur pruning systems. “There is an increasing interest in alternative trellis systems. Through this competition we can illustrate best practices in this field,” said Hennie Visser, VinPro’s viticulturist for the Robertson region.


The owners of the winning farm, Hannes and JC Erasmus, said the block Sauvignon Blanc vines were grafted on Ramsey and trained on a double cordon mechanical pruning system. The grapes are farmed mechanically and destined for Robertson Cellar.


Graham Beck Wines came in second with a block Pinot Noir, grafted on Ramsey and trained on an adapted lire system, and Louis Loubser of Vinefera was third with a Chenin Blanc block that was grafted on USVIT8/7 and is cultivated on a ballerina system.


The VinPro/Winetech Vineyard Block Competition is held annually in the respective regions to identify, celebrate and share the best viticultural practices. A Farmer’s Day will be held at the end of the harvest season, during which the practices of the winning blocks will be demonstrated.


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