We asked some Vinpro staff members one simple question: How have you adapted to lockdown? Here’s what they had to say…

My life under lockdown at first was something new, something I have never experienced in my lifetime. Frustrating and exhausting at times, but you eventually come to terms that it is a necessary safety measure.  Many years down the line hopefully I too will be able to say ‘Yes, I lived through that pandemic’. By day 50, if my house could talk it would’ve said: Are you still here? You are always here woman!  Overall though, through our good days and bad days we can still have a smile on our faces and be grateful that we can see another day of history unfolding before our very eyes. Doing our part to protect everyone around us by staying apart.

  • Martina Newman | WineLand Media

The adjustment was difficult in the beginning, but we’ve adjusted well (myself, wife and kids). The biggest challenge is having daddy at home but not being allowed to play with him even if he is still in PJ’s until 15:00 in the afternoon. The remote-style work is well-suited to how we operate at WineMS. The Zoom and Google Meet is making face-to-face meetings work. And yes, I am not wearing business pants – just sweat pants or PJ pants.

  • Marvin Opperman | WineMS

I think that we are all doing fairly well in the Phillips household! The boys decided to start a vegetable garden and we have peas and carrots growing.  My eldest has also learnt how to fry the perfect eggs for his mom, so I get breakfast in bed quite often. On a more serious note, the home-schooling has been a tough adjustment for us. I am a short-tempered teacher and we have had lots of tears over spelling and messy handwriting. We finally managed to find a routine that worked well for us and we stick to it religiously. Mornings are spent with school work and mom gets the computer in the afternoon and evenings while they are on the PlayStation. Next month brings its new challenges as Thomas is allowed back at school and Aidan has to stay at home. At least I will be able to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day!

  • Loren Phillips | Vititec


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