VinPro recently brought together close to 50 input suppliers to the wine industry for an informative session on various aspects that affect primary wine producers and cellars.

“It is important that these partners to the wine industry understand how changes in the industry’s environment influence wine businesses,” said Rico Basson, managing director of VinPro.

The session included an overview of production practices from the early 1990’s up to now, farm and macro trends, a value-chain approach in the wine industry, as well as the activities of the VinPro Foundation with regard to training in the wine industry.

“The traditional approach of ‘a farm is a farm is a farm’ is something of the past. South African wine producers will focus strongly on the alignment of viticultural practices with wine goals, with a drive towards higher production levels and increasing mechanisation,” said Francois Viljoen, manager of VinPro’s viticultural Consultation Service.

Basson called on input suppliers to align their recommendations to the wine industry by becoming involved in knowledge transfer and interaction with the industry. They were also encouraged to participate in socio-economic development via training and development initiatives.


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