Returning to work after four amazing months at home, my life has now gone from working, drinks after work and late night sessions in front of the computer to rushing home to a baby, bath time, squeezing in some playtime and making sure all work is done for the day. How life has changed. The question I battle with sometimes, is how to find the perfect balance between work and life. Because I do love both!
We are so oblivious to everything we have to squeeze into a 24 hour day. We put on our superwoman cap and off we go! We are so busy rushing at life that we sometimes forget to charge our own batteries and deny ourselves the charging point we so desperately need in an effort to slow down the lives of those we love the most, so that they can have a liveable experience in this fast track life we are faced with.
I feel like a walking power bank, portable with sources that make the world go round. But on the other hand, I have always loved the idea of having it all – an incredible career, the shoes, the perfect husband and a good glass of wine at hand.
So how do I find the perfect balance between work and life to keep me sane?
I’ve personally decided to distance myself from all aspects of negative energy – be it in the form of people or places – as this can drain our energy. And we all know that moms need all the energy they can get. I surround myself with positive people; people who have energy and who laugh a lot. This energy is contagious.
I also try to treat myself whenever the opportunity arises, whether i leisure activities such as painting nails with the girls, a day at the spa or someone else doing my hair. I take a break whenever I can, which re-energises you all over again.
I set the boundaries to focus separately on family and work. My inbox is never empty, but when it comes to family time I avoid the enticement of these devices to influence my curious nature. Because we know what follows after a quick peek at my mailbox.
In my endeavour to bring balance to a working/family lifestyle, a glance at my mails will come about once Emily goes to sleep and hubby is lying next to me desperately trying to keep his eyes open while watching an episode of his favourite series. This is the time I go back to the grind and finalise all important tasks for the next day.
Balance is something we’re always striving towards and it can truly feel elusive. It is definitely most people’s tendency to put self-care last, but caring for ourselves is what makes us better mothers, husbands, friends and employees.
Chasing the balanced life is a hot topic around lately. Just always remember whatever you’re doing, make sure you take a moment to yourself to just take a deep breath and acknowledge all that is good.

Till next time.

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