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 Mastercard is partnering with The Cape Wine Auction Trust (CWAT) to change the future for children and youth in the South African winelands. You too can be part of this story of hope by having the Donate Widget on your website or newsletter. This way you become part of a model of impact and a model that works.

Since 2014 The Cape Wine Auction has raised R117 million and 100% of the funds raised support education in the winelands. The CWA Trust believes that education doesn’t only happen in the classroom. It funds partner organisations that address all aspects of the education journey, including eradicating barriers to learning like hunger, trauma, lack of transport and access to digital learning. Inspired by the wise adage that it takes a village to raise a child, the CWA Trust has created an ecosystem of the very best partner organisations, all working towards access to quality education for every young person in the winelands.

If you do not have your own charity or philanthropy or would like to do more to support education, this is an opportunity to contribute to change without having to manage a process. Having the Mastercard Donate Widget on your website is a conduit for people to donate to a trustworthy, effective and already established philanthropy model. This also makes contributing to the important work that the CWA Trust does accessible to all.

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Installation Instructions & FAQs

 Who can do this?

The instructions on the document are simple but need to be done by someone who knows how to use JavaScript. The best person would be the web designer or IT technician who does your website.

Is there someone who can answer technical questions?

Contact details for the Mastercard specialist are included in the document and you are welcome to contact him.

Once the donate widget is on our website or in your digital newsletter, what happens next?

The basic steps are:

  1. Consumers click on the link/button.
  2. Consumers choose how much they would like to donate to Cape Wine Auction Trust. There are set values to select from.
  3. Consumers insert their email address, first and last names.
  4. Consumers insert their card details.
  5. Consumers review the organisation they are donating to (Cape Wine Auction Trust), the amount donated and the card they are donating from.
  6. Confirmation that the donation has been made.
  7. Consumer receives a donation confirmation email.

How will we know if our customers/consumers are donating and if so, what is being done with the donations?

CWA Trust will release quarterly reports showing donations received and explaining what the donations are being used for. This will include real-life examples and feedback that you as our member can use for social media or as content to feedback to your databases, showing how your business is part of supporting education in the winelands.

How do we know that the CWA Trust is a reputable organisation?

  • The Cape Wine Auction Trust is registered in terms of Article 6(1) of the Property Control Act, 1988 (Act 57 of 1988).
  • The Trust Registration number is IT000532/2014.
  • The Cape Wine Auction is registered as a Public Benefit organization (PBO set out in section 30(3) of the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962.
  • The Trust has been further granted S18 (1) (a) donations tax exemption status.
  • The financial statements of the Trust are audited by PwCwho are one of our international auction partners.
  • The trustees are:

Raymond Ndlovu (Chairman)

Paul Cluver (Deputy Chairman)

Wendy Appelbaum

Ken Kinsey-Quick

Iain Banner

Dominique Enthoven

Niclas Kjellström-Matseke

How to add the donate button to your website

Option 1: Add a donate button on your page to launch the widget in a lightbox overlay/modal view. Example:

Option 2: Embedded widget. If you can design a page in which an embedded widget would look appealing, you can use the embedded option. Example:


As you will see, the code references various widget parameters:

–           Language

–           Program ID

–           Charity ID

–           Settings for the min, max amounts, predefined amounts and default amount shown

–           Source ID

You can adjust the donation amounts and settings directly in the SDK.

If you have questions, contact Shawn Kent at



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