Apart from Vinpro’s core functions of advocacy, information transfer, specialised services and people development, the organisation works closely with other industry partners on a number of strategic projects.



In 2017 Vinpro launched a new technology transfer project, namely the Gen-Z Vineyard Project. The objective of this project is to establish various types of demo plots, for example new cultivars and clones, rootstocks, trellis systems, pruning systems and viticultural practices in existing commercial vineyard blocks on producers’ farms. The sites are subsequently visited on farmers’ days to demonstrate the results/measurements and discuss them with producers.

CONTACT: Francois Viljoen, tel +27(0)21 276 0447, e-mail viljoenf@vinpro.co.za



The wine industry’s strategic framework, known as WISE, identified wine tourism as a key priority to grow the sector. As part of an initiative spearheaded by Vinpro – and supported by partners Wines of South Africa (WOSA), Wesgro and the South African Wine Routes Forum (SAWRF) – the first Wine Tourism Strategy for South Africa was launched in 2016 and a dedicated wine tourism manager appointed in 2017. 

Vinpro’s wine tourism manager works closely with all related parties, coordinating wine tourism efforts to make this vision a reality. The main objective of the strategy is to promote collaboration among the various stakeholders operating in the wine and tourism sectors, government and the private sector in order to drive economic growth and employment opportunities. Initiatives in this space include the www.visitwinelands.co.za Visit Winelands platforms that aim to promote the SA winelands, and the www.toolkit.vinpro.co.za Wine Tourism Toolkit which is a free online resource available to wine businesses to establish and expand their wine tourism offering.

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CONTACT: Marisah Nieuwoudt, tel +27 (0)21 276 0451, e-mail: marisah@vinpro.co.za.


The South African wine and brandy industry, through the Wine Industry Strategic Exercise (WISE), initiated the Local Market Project in 2015 as part of a new framework to drive sustainable growth. The industry aims, through the project, to be the liquor product of choice in South Africa and in doing so, to grow annual local sales volume from 350 million litres in 2015 to 450 million litres by 2025.

The objective is to re-energise and revitalise the local wine market by:

  • Raising the status of the category within the broader alcohol repertoire
  • Building new customer target groups
  • Making wine more “accessible” to consumers
  • Taking a greater share of the local alcohol beverage market
  • Improving profitability and driving entrepreneurship.

The project has entailed detailed research into the respective South African consumer segments, identifying target markets for potential growth. Available resources to the industry include infopacks, as well as a number of regional local market workshops to assist wineries to tap into these markets.

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CONTACT: Christo Conradie, tel +27(0) 21 276 0429, christo@vinpro.co.za