about_bVinPro helps to provide access to funding for enterprises seeking to advance black shareholding in the Wine and Brandy industry. While various development finance entities that have expressed notable interest in the wine and brandy industry during the current quarter, three primary partnerships have proved fruitful so far:

Western Cape Department of Agriculture’s (WCDoA) Wine industry Commodity Project Allocation Committee (CPAC). R9 million has been committed for 2015/16 and R14 million committed for 2016/17. Applications are closed both for 2015/16 and for 2016/17 financial years.

Capital Harvest – Land Bank and Jobs Fund Sources

VinPro signed a Memorandum of Understanding this quarter to share technical resources as well as credit leads. Under this agreement, CPAC applications have been sent to Capital Harvest for possible funding. Applications are being entertained for 2016/2017.

Levy Funded support

Wine and Brandy Industry Transformation Unit – R6.5 million under consideration for Black Owned Brand owners. This is a multi-stakeholder entity with SALBA, NAMC, VinPro, Labour and Black Owned Brand Owners represented equally on the unit. A uniform application process for black brand owners was recently concluded and is now being used by SME’s to apply for funding from the Unit. Applications are being entertained for 2016/2017.      – Philip Bowes, VinPro

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