From workstreams to a toolkit and game changers, the Wine Industry Strategic Exercise (Wise) is well under way towards being formalised.

The task team recently held a two day workshop to recap on the progress of the respective workstreams, after which a group of industry representatives were invited to an informative session on the status quo. The result of the Wise process is a strategic framework which strives towards a South African wine and brandy industry that is adaptable, robust, globally competitive and profitable.

The ten workstreams were repackaged into four toolkit items that create an enabling environment for business as usual, and six game changers, which are new projects that are expected to change the industry’s landscape.

The toolkit comprises a single SA wine industry portal and search engine; internal realigning of Winetech; a learning and development implementation plan; and price point analysis of the supply-chains of packaged and bulk wine.

Game changers include analyses of global consumer trends and free trade, technological innovation, promoting Brand SA, improving tourism and creating a transformation plan for the industry, as well as forming a social compact between industry, government and labour.

“The final research on some of these workstreams will be coming in towards November, when the final framework will be formulated. Roadshows will also take place during September and October to inform industry stakeholders at regional level,” explained Rico Basson, VinPro managing director at the feedback session.


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