dammeAs a water scarce country any form of threat to water availability is a cause for concern. Certain water restrictions are put in place to ensure that water is being used sparingly, considering tremendous growth in population. Recent drought conditions that were experienced still hang over the agricultural industry, this is evident in the capacity of the 44 dams responsible for water supplies in the Western Cape Province. As of 10 October 2016 the dam levels were at 62.4% full compared to 71.5% the previous year. Major dams such as Theewaterskloof dam is at 52.5% full compared to 76.5% the previous year. The province experienced lower than normal rainfalls which continues to put pressure on the water levels. The wine industry is heavily dependent on water and a lack thereof will result in lower crop sizes which will affect producers’ net farm income.

– Funzani Sundani, VinPro

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