The AWARE.ORG Vinpro Foundation Wine Project has been expanded in the STELENBOSCH and SWARTLAND regions, which means that a dedicated social worker is funded to offer services to Vinpro member wine farms and cellars with a valid ethical accreditation.

The project is mainly funded by AWARE.ORG and supported by the Vinpro Foundation under the Harm Reduction & Early Childhood Development Programme.

“A registered social worker is funded to offer their services Vinpro member wine farms and cellars with at least one of the following valid ethical accreditations: WIETA (Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trading Association), SIZA (Sustainability Initiative of South Africa), Fair Trade, FFL (Fair for Life) and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative),” says Unathi Mantshongo of the Vinpro Foundation.

Their main focus is assisting people with alcohol/substance addiction to quit or manage usage. This is done by offering individual and group counselling and training and mobilising state or private resources for further assistance. The social workers also monitor centres of early childhood development to establish whether there are any signs of neglect or abuse as a result of the parent’s/guardian’s addiction. They train farm crèche and aftercare facilitators with child care techniques and tools to ensure children reach school going age prepared and equipped with the necessary skills.


Should you be interested in taking advantage of the service, then you can complete the enrolment form attached and send it to .

“Please note that the Social Workers have been contracted for limited hours per region, per month. Farms and cellars wishing to utilise the service will be allocated time in the order in which they enrol,” says Unathi.

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