The green element in the new Vinpro logo symbolises growth from the farm to the shelf.

The South African wine industry body, Vinpro, has renewed the brand to strengthen its continued emphasis on sustainable growth.

The rebranding was launched at the annual Nedbank Vinpro Information Day at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) on Thursday.

“Since its inception in 2003, Vinpro has continuously adapted and expanded to address not only the needs of primary wine grape producers, but also strived to create an enabling environment in which all wine-related businesses in the value-chain can flourish,” says Vinpro chairman Anton Smuts.

In the process, Vinpro has acquired majority shareholding in Vititec and FarmMS, added new services and products, spoke out more prominently on industry issues and was instrumental in providing strategic direction through the Wine Industry Strategic Exercise (WISE).

Celebrating 15 years in 2018, the organisation now looks to the future with a renewed commitment to the sustainability of everyone that affects or are affected by the wine industry – with new branding to support it.

Anton Smuts, Vinpro chairman.

“The new logo symbolises our aim of growing the industry and its people by levelling the playing field for wine-related businesses. We do this through advocacy, information transfer, specialised services and the development of people,” says Smuts. “And, of course, collaboration is key for success in any endeavour. Hence the slogan ‘growing together’.”

Through involvement in more than 50 forums, Vinpro advocates on behalf of its members on legislative, socio-economic, technical and trade-related issues with Government, industry, labour and civil society.

“The level and spectrum of expertise within the Vinpro Group is unparalleled in the wine industry. Here you will find what you need to grow your business from the soil to the shelf – either directly or via industry networks,” says Rico Basson, Vinpro’s managing director.

Vinpro’s offering includes anything from GIS maps, soil science and viticulture consultation to quality vine plant material, agricultural economic assistance, BEE advice and wine business management software.

An initiative to look out for in 2018 is the appointment of a wine tourism manager dedicated to linking different wine tourism role-players together to drive this important revenue stream for the industry.

The expertise from all of these Vinpro specialists is packaged and shared alongside other crucial industry information on various platforms, including the monthly WineLand magazine, other annual publications, newsletters, information days, workshops and social media.

Vinpro provides technical training to employees at various levels in the wine industry, promotes ethical trade through collaboration with relevant industry bodies such as WIETA (wine and agricultural ethical trade association) and is actively involved in socio-economic upliftment and promoting responsible alcohol use through Vinpro’s role as chair of Aware (Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education, previously ARA). The Vinpro Foundation, a non-profit company now in its fifth year, provides funding to the industry to support further growth and development of individuals and wine industry communities.

Rico Basson, Vinpro managing director.

“People are the cornerstone of our industry,” says Basson. “Everything the Vinpro team does on a daily basis is focused on growing the industry and its people together through close collaboration.”

Vinpro’s 2 500 members include wine grape producers, private cellars, producer cellars and individuals, businesses or organisations associated with the wine industry. This non-profit company derives its income from investments, consultation fees and products.

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